• Exterior material (copper and aluminum casting a variety of styles to choose from)
    1. Corrosion, sun, weather resistance.
    2. Another effect with airtight metal up to soundproof the airtight.
  • Interior material (wood, a variety of styles to choose from)
    1. Wood carving.
    2. Water-resistant, weather resistance.
  • Airtight and soundproof
    1. Airtight pressure mounted on the edge of self-adhesive strip in the door to reach airtight insulation.

Configuration: the doors inside the structure for fire doors

  • Adjustable hidden hinges:
    1. When open, fully open doorway net size to save space;
    2. When closed, the quietness, opacity;
    3. Axis mounted on the door frame inside, the doors to shorten the radius of gyration, reducing the gap under the door, security and aesthetic effect;
    4. Directly in front and around the hinges out of position adjustment.
  • Can be made to balance the easy door styles

Concealed Hinges

  1. Using a specially designed hidden hinges, as the main component of combining frames and doors. 
  2. The rotation axis of apparatus specifically designed for the internal door, in order to shorten the opening and closing of the doors swing radius, effectively reducing the door gap. 
  3. The use of L-type side doors long strips combined with the hinge axis of rotation arc length strips, L-type long strip thickness can be customized with doors, doors effectively carry weight. 
  4. The hinge axis of the rotating shaft bolt to bottom, in particular the use Perlin and ball design, reduce rotating friction, effectively reducing the door open and shut the power off and to mute the effect. 
  5. When closed, unlike traditional hinge axis exposed, particularly its axis inside the device in the door, to prevent damage to the hinge axis of the thieves, demolition doors, increase the security of doors, but also because not see the exposed hinges prominent, and its visual appearance also provides a comfortable feel. 
  6. Does not affect the net opening doors, not light. 
  7. Concealed hinge has passed CNS 11227 fire test. 
  8. patent number: No. M363497 novel.



The circle is perfect looping, a complete space, regardless of external extrusion, a close connection between the rings, interlocking guarding intact, supporting each other going.



Castle is a defensive architecture of medieval Europe, guarding the residence armed lords and nobles building, with towering walls and forts and other defensive fortifications and the majestic Gothic tower. Lord of the castle as a symbol of the administrative center and the right, the door through the lines sketched out the shape of a grand castle stands.



Successful life in a perfect arc of convergence, to find the center of efforts to draw a complete dedication, bursting out from the center of the circle of light; ring decorated with beautiful flowers algae, to make life comfortable and beautiful.


Dragon and Phoenix

Dragon king of all beasts, Phoenix is he king of birds; they reveal changes soar goodness and grace of Andrew Bird, better interaction between the two that is' 'flamboyant, dragon and phoenix'. With dragon and phoenix, corresponding to reflect harmony of yin and yang concept.



"Inferiority will climb, the line will be far from Mi" - step by step, Gordon stood overlooking the Eiffel tower Paris scenery and expand your horizons beyond the expectations of higher future.



Dearest friends wings ready when summer pasture on harvested fields; and the birds have wings fly this lush green space soar.



The sixteenth century, Norwegian Princess Marguerite very fond of this delightful small white flowers, hence the name Margaret. In the West, Margaret also has "flower girl" nickname, was loved by many young girls.Margaret florid love prophecy; hidden in the hearts of love.



Memphis originally called for Egypt''s ancient Greek, meaning "the vast country." This door by its complex sculpted; give us a mysterious and retro style, as if Egypt gives us the impression: the beautiful and mysterious.


Impresion Peony

"Peony flower rich who are", the use of light and shadow objects impressionist feelings and impressions, depicting scenes of nature grabbing make instant into eternity, wealth Blessings long defensive homesteads.


Ping successful

Aquarius Gate, in the middle there is a round vase, meaning flat (bottle) Ann successful, the use of inverted figure, anti-white, contrast and other techniques to achieve the actual situation of cross safely cross through the metaphorical level, the successful permanent long.



Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto; also passed an important center of traditional Japanese culture. Kyoto by irregular stripes showing too thick smell of Kyoto, Japan, bringing both retro and modern two visual enjoyment.



Roman national hobby gorgeous in Greek architecture plus the Romanesque decoration, use a variety of architectural arches and vaults to become more beautiful, more magnificent than Greek architecture.



King of the High C's - Pavarotti. Sing nine high C with continuous chest resonance derived this reputation; this door by a few simplified patterns and lines symbolizing the Pavarotti amazing treble C, bring the world to enjoy the amazing and again.



Bright colorful fireworks in the night sky light bloom, blossoming enjoy imaginative spark surprise draw light marks, broke out in the quiet of the beautiful bright slam.