Selecting the appropriate size, rating and length of a Hydraulic Hose is critical, that's why we offer the expertise and experience to help you with the best product, highest quality and speed. Our motto: "No time for downtime". In 15 minutes you are ready to continue working with your machine, engine or heavy equipment.

All hoses are manufactured in house and are custom made.

Retraco has Hydraulic Hoses for you in stock and for your specific use. We also repair all sorts of hoses. Ranging from hoses for watering the plants to the hose of the brakes of your car. For all heavy equipment we customize hoses and fittings according to your needs.

To serve you better, please let us know what type of hose you need:

  • Size: Inside and outside diameter and length

  • Temperature: Maximum temperature the hose needs to endure while in operation

  • Application: The rating is important, so we know how bendable the hose should be

  • Material: We need to know what material the hose should be made of

  • Pressure: To provide you with the best hose for the job, we need to know the maximum pressure of the application

  • Fitting: What kind of fitting does the hose need for its application

  • Duplication: It is important to know if this hose is easy to replace when needed. This is an important consideration before deciding on the type of hose.