Retraco installs complete solar panel systems of the highest quality solar inverters, to help you substantially bring down your energy costs. Retraco offers a 6 year warranty on solar panel installations. Retraco guarantees you the return of your investment within 6 years. Our solar panels have a lifespan of over 20 years.

The advantages of solar electricity

  • Energy from the sun comes for free.
  • You will reduce your electricity bill.
  • With this cost-saving you pay back your solar panel system within 6 years.
  • Reduce your 'carbon footprint' and help keep our environment clean.


Maintenance of your solar panel

  • Maintenance is minimal.
  • Keep clean by rinsing with water.
  • Avoid that the solar panels are overshadowed by trees or other objects.



Financing is possible with a down payment and a letter of recommendation from your bank.


Energy production

  • Suitable for any type of installation, from residential roof project to commercial plant and solar park
  • Module can bear wind loads up to 3800Pa
  • Guaranteed power output (0~+3%)
  • High performance under low lighting conditions (cloudy days, mornings and evening)
  • Passes PID Test, Fire Test, Salt Mist Corrosion Test and Ammonia Corrosion Test

Solar Water Heater

Introducing a revolutionary Water Heater. Enjoy free hot water! The Retraco Water Heater operates entirely on solar energy. Retraco helps you save as well as make your life more pleasant.

The Retraco Water Heater design is modern and elegant and fits with the surrounding architecture with easy installation. The water heater can be installed on every type of roof, be it flat or with an angle.

While the sun heats the water, the Retraco Water Heater keeps the water hot during the nighttime. The system collects the water in an efficient way and no matter what time of day, there is always hot water.

With several sizes available, there is always the right water heater for your home.

Solar Attic Fan

Attic Fans are beneficial for keeping your home cool. Reduce your electricity costs with our Solar Attic Fan. It works entirely on solar energy and keeps your attic cool and therefore makes your house cooler.

Why install an Attic Fan?

It takes out the hot air that accumulates in the attic of your house. This keeps the house cooler during the day, using less energy at night to keep the house cool while using air conditioning.

The solar panel on the attic fan can be adjusted for best performance.

Solar Pool Pump

Let your pool pump work for free! With the Retraco Solar Pool Pump, the sun provides energy so your pool pump works without you having to pay for it.

A Solar Pool Pump gives you the chance to save more by way of using electricity ''off the grid''. The Solar Pool Pump uses energy accumulated directly from the sun. This way you help our environment at the same time.

The DC motor uses energy that comes directly from the solar panels. On top of that, DC motors have a larger life span than AC motors. Now, with your pool pump costs reduced to zero, your return on investment comes faster.

The system is so efficient that even on clouded days it continues to work.

Solar Street Lights

The Solar Street Lights system is a more efficient way to illuminate without electrical wiring. Sunbeams provide the energy to illuminate the site with the Solar Street Light.

Reduce costs by eliminating the need to dig for installation of electricity cables. You won''t have electricity bills for Solar Street Lights after installation.

A way to cut down drastically on your electricity bill.

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